The Philips Foundation

In 2014, Philips established the Philips Foundation, a new initiative dedicated to helping enable lasting social change in disadvantaged communities through the provision and application of innovation, talent and resources provided by Philips. Together with key non-profit partners, the Philips Foundation seeks to identify challenges where a combination of Philips expertise and partner experience can be used to create meaningful solutions that improve people’s lives. The Philips Foundation will provide the vehicle for the Corporate Social Responsibility and social investment program of Philips going forward.

During 2014, the Foundation developed its strategy, governance and operational structure. It established its first strategic partnerships with the International Red Cross and UNICEF with the aim of co-creating innovative solutions for disaster relief and community development and supporting social entrepreneurship. In addition to programs with these global partners, the Foundation will fund local projects run by the Philips markets that are in line with the Foundation strategy. The Foundation also stepped up to coordinate Philips’ contribution to the international fight against Ebola. It provided the opportunity for employees to make a donation to support the work of the Red Cross in West Africa and doubled the amount raised to almost EUR 60,000. Furthermore, several products were donated in response to requests from the Red Cross and other NGOs.

More information about the Philips Foundation and its purpose and scope can be found at


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