Global talent acquisition

Top sources of talent

Philips’ talent management approach is to continuously build and develop its existing employees, while strategically buying talent where competency areas can be strengthened. In 2014, we recruited talent both internally and externally into over 10,000 vacancies. With an increasing trend, nearly one third of those vacancies were filled with internal candidates, and the remainder filled with qualified talent from the external labor market.

In-sourcing executive recruitment 

Executive Search Services (ESS), Philips’ in-house executive recruiting services division launched in Q1 2014, delivered 80 high-quality senior-level hires in 2014. ESS provides services such as demand-based executive recruiting, executive intelligence & talent consulting services, and executive-specific referral and onboarding programs. The addition of this focused in-house recruiting capability ensures we are able to offer the most appropriate service to our internal customers.

A strong employer brand as a driver for talent attraction

Philips realizes that it is crucial to attract the best talent in order to deliver on our strategic goals. In 2014 we activated our global Employer Value Proposition by leveraging our recently re-positioned ‘innovation and you’ brand platform, aligned with audience insights to raise awareness and preference. For employer brand updates and company content, visit the Philips LinkedIn Careers page.

As part of its global Talent Acquisition strategy, Philips seeks to attract talent from proven high quality sources. In 2014, the top 5 sources of hire were:

  • Philips employee referral – Historical data has proven that the top performing hires for Philips are those referred by its own employees. Philips engages its employees to share their network through a formal employee referral program which generates close to 30% of its total hires each year.
  • Internal hire – Embedded within the Accelerate! Transformation is a stated cultural imperative to embed a growth and performance culture and facilitate a mobile, diverse workforce. As a result, Philips filled nearly one third of its vacancies with internal top performers each year.
  • Proactively sourced by recruiter – Philips has a dedicated in-house sourcing function that focuses solely on building proactive talent pipelines and requires all its recruitment professionals to contribute to the proactive identification of passive industry talent.
  • Digital career channel (job board, social media site, etc.) – In line with the company’s overall focus on increasing its digital footprint, Philips’ recruitment marketing team invested more heavily in its digital footprint in 2014. As a result, Philips increased its LinkedIn Talent Brand Index by 2.1% and delivered over 1,000 hired candidates.
  • Philips careers website  Philips career website attracts talent by emphasizing its Employer Value Proposition through targeted information sharing and storytelling from its employees and leadership teams. Philips global career website can be found at

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