Engaging our employees

In 2014 we implemented a brief, complementary, team-focused survey called My Accelerate! Survey (MAS). The format and set of questions in the MAS allowed a shift of accountability to where it has the biggest impact – at individual team level. The MAS survey, which measures the quantitative data on team effectiveness, helps our leaders to increase team performance through structural interventions and actions.

Whilst the MAS results are not directly comparable to our historical matrix of Employee Engagement, we see that 83% of our (targeted) employees provided a favorable answer to the transformation journey question: “In my team we role model the Philips behaviors”. There was also an increase in areas concerning “Speed of decision making“, resulting in an overall score of 77% favorable answers across the Philips population.

In terms of results, the MAS indicates very high favorable scores within the set of questions referring to Alignment (“How clear are we about customer needs and business priorities?”) and Execution (“How good are we at getting things done?”).

There are also some improvement areas, particularly within the questions categorized under Renewal (“How do we stay effective and adapt”). These improvement areas are structurally addressed by our leadership teams.

The MAS is proving to be a very lean and effective diagnostic in increasing effectiveness and the team’s capacity to solve challenges as and when they occur.