Below, the main elements of the contracts of the members of the Board of Management are included. These contracts expire at the end of the Annual General Meeting on May 7, 2015. Please refer to Year 2015 at the end of this section.

Term of appointment

The members of the Board of Management are appointed for a period of 4 years it being understood that this period expires no later than at the end of the following general meeting of shareholders (AGM) held in the fourth year after the year of appointment.

Philips Group
Contract terms for current members
end of term
F.A. van Houten
AGM 2015
R.H. Wirahadiraksa
AGM 2015
P.A.J. Nota
AGM 2015

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Notice period

Termination of the contract by a member of the Board of Management is subject to three months’ notice. A notice period of six months will be applicable in the case of termination by the Company.

Severance payment

The severance payment is set at a maximum of one year’s salary.

Share ownership

Simultaneously with the introduction of the current LTI Plan in 2013, the guideline for members of the Board of Management to hold a certain number of shares in the Company has been increased to the level of at least 200% of base pay (300% for the CEO). Until this level has been reached the members of the Board of Management are required to retain all after-tax shares derived from any long-term incentive plan.

Both Ron Wirahadiraksa and Pieter Nota have reached the required level and the CEO has increased his ownership significantly throughout the year to currently 70% of his target.