Year 2015

Services agreements Board of Management

For the members of the Board of Management, who will be proposed to be re-appointed at the Annual General Meeting on May 7, 2015, an agreement of provision of services for a fixed 4-year period will be concluded instead of a contract of employment pursuant to Dutch law, effective January 1, 2013. In future this will apply to all newly appointed members of the Board of Management.

These agreements will be made public no later than the date on which the 2015 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders will be convened.

The main elements of the (proposed) services agreements will be materially the same as the main elements of the current contracts described above.


Due to legislative changes in the Netherlands, the pension arrangement applicable to the members of the Board of Management, the other members of the Executive Committee and the Executives, all working in the Netherlands, needed to be reviewed as of January 1, 2015.

As of this date pension plans which allow pension accrual based on a pensionable salary exceeding an amount of EUR 100,000 are, for fiscal purposes, considered to be non-qualifying schemes. For this reason the Executive Pension Plan in the Netherlands will be terminated.

The following pension arrangement will apply to the members of the Board of Management with effect from January 1, 2015:

  • members will participate in the Flex Pension Plan in the Netherlands (retirement age: 67), which is a defined-benefit plan with an accrual percentage of 1.85 and a maximum pensionable salary of EUR 100,000;
  • a gross Pension Allowance will be paid equal to 25% of the base salary exceeding EUR 100,000;
  • for a maximum period of 8 years (first 5 years in full; year 6: 75%; year 7: 50%, year 8: 25%) a gross Transition Allowance will be paid to those members who were eligible to it under the former pension arrangement and will be based on the age and salary of the Executive on December 31, 2014.

The total contribution of the Company towards this new pension arrangement (including the temporary Transition Allowance) will be comparable to the contribution made under the former pension arrangement.


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