2014 highlights

In 2014, our lighting innovations underlined our four-pillar strategy aimed at delivering even greater value for our customers and other stakeholders.

  • Philips is to provide the city of Madrid, Spain with 225,000 energy-efficient street lights. The renewal of the city’s entire street lighting system makes it the world’s largest street lighting upgrade to date.
  • Groundbreaking innovations in LED bulbs include: elimination of the heat sink to make our SlimStyle range flat, so reducing costs; including an innovative lens for a sparkling light effect to mimic the light of an incandescent light bulb; creating CrispWhite, a technological innovation that makes white appear whiter and colors richer, an ideal lighting solution to display products at their best.
  • In addition to these innovations for retrofit lamps, we created new concepts by integrating LEDs into carpets and ceiling panels.
  • We continued to pioneer innovations in connected lighting, broadening applications in segments such as home, retail, office, sports and city lighting. For offices, we installed the first commercially available Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connected lighting system, which connects office lighting fixtures to a building’s IT network. The lighting system gathers data about how space is being used, helping to reduce energy, heating and cleaning costs, for example, while allowing office workers to set their own personal lighting using their smartphone.
  • In cities we continue to install our connected CityTouch lighting system. This intelligent lighting system enables cities to remotely control light points from a single, online user interface to deliver light where and when it is needed, ensuring people feel safe in well-lit streets even while reducing energy consumption. It can dim light points outside of peak hours, detect failures and provide smart lighting workflow support, reducing energy and maintenance costs.
  • At the major sports events in Russia (Sochi) and Brazil, we lit up the majority of the stadiums. For Chelsea FC we installed a LED pitch lighting solution designed to provide players, fans and Television broadcasters with an outstanding visual experience. This was the world’s first LED pitch lighting to be used by a ‘top flight’ soccer club that meet the stringent requirements of broadcasters and sports federations. As the official lighting partner of FC Bayern München, Philips will transform the façade of the Allianz Stadium, into a dynamic and colorful LED display.
  • With Philips Hue, our innovative connected lighting system for the home, we continue to transform the way we use light to personalize our homes and bring extraordinary experiences into the living room. We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of lighting products that can be connected to the smart home ecosystem: controls, connected luminaires, connected strips, connected lamps. We also team up with partners like Apple, Logitech, Deutsche Telekom, Syfy Universal and more to deliver a seamless experience, and the ever-growing number of apps developed by third parties will ensure further new experiences over time.
  • Philips acquired 51% of General Lighting Company (GLC) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This company combines Philips’ expertise in LED technology and global supply base with GLC’s deep local market knowledge and strong commercial capabilities, making it the leading lighting player in the largest economy in the Middle East.