2014 financial performance

Philips Innovation, Group & Services
Key data in millions of EUR unless otherwise stated
2012 - 2014
Sales growth
% increase (decrease), nominal
% increase (decrease), comparable1)
Group Innovation
IP Royalties
Group and regional costs
Accelerate! investment
Service units and other
Net operating capital (NOC)1)
Cash flows before financing activities1)
Employees (in FTEs)
For a reconciliation to the most directly comparable GAAP measures, see Reconciliation of non-GAAP information
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In 2014, sales amounted to EUR 605 million, and were mainly related to IP Royalty income and our OEM Remote Control business. Sales were EUR 60 million lower than in 2013, mainly due to lower income from Group Innovation and IP Royalties.

EBITA amounted to a loss of EUR 661 million, compared to a loss of EUR 299 million in 2013. In 2014, EBITA included EUR 110 million of restructuring and acquisition-related charges, EUR 244 million of provisions related to various legal matters and a EUR 27 million past-service pension gain in the Netherlands. 2013 EBITA included EUR 3 million of restructuring and acquisition-related charges and a pension settlement loss of EUR 25 million.  

EBITA at Group Innovation was a EUR 63 million higher net cost than in 2013, mainly due to higher restructuring charges and higher investments in emerging business areas.

EBITA at Group and Regional Overhead costs were EUR 30 million lower than in 2013, mainly due to higher restructuring costs.

Accelerate! investments amounted to EUR 131 million in 2014, and include investments in IT infrastructure, internal departments and external consultancy dedicated to the Accelerate! program.

EBITA at Pensions amounted to a net cost of EUR 12 million, and represent costs related to deferred pensioners covered by company plans. In 2013, Pensions amounted to a net cost of EUR 41 million and was impacted by a EUR 31 million settlement loss arising from a lump-sum offering to terminated vested employees in our US pension plan.

EBITA at Service Units and Other decreased from a loss of EUR 124 million in 2013 to a loss of EUR 415 million in 2014. The decrease was largely driven by EUR 243 million of charges related to legal matters.

Net operating capital decreased to negative EUR 3.7 billion, mainly due to an increase in working capital.

Cash flows before financing activities improved from an outflow of EUR 2,140 million in 2013 to an outflow of EUR 1,586 million.


SF6 (Sulfur hexafluoride) is used in the electrical industry as a gaseous dielectric medium.

Earnings before interest, tax and amortization (EBITA) represents income from continuing operations excluding results attributable to non-controlling interest holders, results relating to investments in associates, income taxes, financial income and expenses, amortization and impairment on intangible assets (excluding software and capitalized development expenses). Philips believes that EBITA information makes the underlying performance of its businesses more transparent by factoring out the amortization of these intangible assets, which arises when acquisitions are consolidated. In our Annual Report on form 20-F this definition is referred to as Adjusted IFO.

CO2-equivalent or carbon dioxide equivalent is a quantity that describes, for a given mixture and amount of greenhouse gas, the amount of CO2 that would have the same global warming potential (GWP), when measured over a specified timescale (generally 100 years).

Original Equipment Manufacturer.