Lifestyle retail landscape

Across the world, consumers are looking for solutions that help them to be healthy, live well and enjoy life. They want to be in control of their personal health and to care for their family and friends. They want to look and feel good.

In a connected, digital world, consumers are looking for smart, personalized solutions. Purchase decisions are increasingly made or influenced online; this is as true of consumers in growth geographies such as China, as it is in developed markets such as Western Europe.

The rise of the middle class in growth geographies is another trend impacting the retail landscape. This rapidly expanding group has increasing spending power.

In 2014, economic headwinds caused continued pressure on consumer spending in some markets. However, living a healthy life remained a high priority for consumers.


Growth geographies are the developing geographies comprising of Asia Pacific (excluding Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand), Latin America, Central & Eastern Europe, the Middle East (excluding Israel) and Africa.