Health and Safety

Philips strives for an injury-free and illness-free work environment, with a sharp focus on reducing the number of injuries and improving processes. The Lost Workday Injury Cases (LWIC) rate is defined as a KPI, on which we set yearly targets for the company and our individual sectors.

We regret to report that one of our Healthcare Field Service employees passed away after a traffic accident in France whilst traveling home.

In 2014 we recorded 227 LWIC, i.e. occupational injury cases where the injured person is unable to work one or more days after the injury. This represents a significant decrease compared with 280 in 2013, and continues the consecutive reduction trend from 2010. The LWIC rate decreased to 0.23 per 100 FTEs, compared with 0.27 in 2013. The number of Lost Workdays caused by injuries increased by 403 days to 9,068 days in 2014.

For more information on Health and Safety, please refer to Health and Safety performance.