Liquidity position

Including the Company’s cash position (cash and cash equivalents), as well as its EUR 1.8 billion committed revolving credit facility the Company had access to available liquidity of EUR 3.673 million vs. Gross Debt (including short and long term) of EUR 4.104 million as of December 31, 2014.

As of December 31, 2013 the Company had access to net available liquid resources of EUR 429 million including the Company’s net debt (cash) position (cash and cash equivalents, net of debt), listed available-for-sale financial assets, as well as its EUR 1.8 billion committed revolving credit facility.

Philips Group
Liquidity position in millions of EUR
2012 - 2014
Cash and cash equivalents
Committed revolving credit facility/CP program/Bilateral loan
Available-for-sale financial assets at fair value
Short-term debt
Long-term debt
Net available liquidity resources

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Philips has a EUR 1.8 billion committed revolving credit facility that can be used for general group purposes and as a backstop of its commercial paper program. In January 2013, the EUR 1.8 billion facility was extended by 2 years until February 2018. The commercial paper program amounts to USD 2.5 billion, under which Philips can issue commercial paper up to 364 days in tenor, both in the US and in Europe, in any major freely convertible currency. There is a panel of banks, in Europe and in the US, which service the program. The interest is at market rates prevailing at the time of issuance of the commercial paper. There is no collateral requirement in the commercial paper program. Also, there are no limitations on Philips’ use of funds from the program. As at December 31, 2014, Philips did not have any loans outstanding under these facilities.

Philips’ existing long-term debt is rated A3 (with stable outlook) by Moody’s and A- (with negative outlook) by Standard & Poor’s. As part of the capital allocation policy, it is Philips’ ambition to manage its financial ratios to be in line with an A3/A- rating. There is no assurance that Philips will be able to achieve this goal. Ratings are subject to change at any time. The Company’s outstanding long-term debt and credit facilities do not contain financial covenants or cross acceleration provisions that are based on adverse changes in ratings or on material adverse change.

As at December 31, 2014, Philips had total cash and cash equivalents of EUR 1,873 million. Philips pools cash from subsidiaries to the extent legally and economically feasible. Cash not pooled remains available for local operational or investment needs. Philips had a total gross debt position of EUR 4,104 million at year-end 2014.

Philips believes its current liquidity is sufficient to meet its present working capital requirements. Philips intends to finance the acquisition of Volcano through a combination of cash on hand and the issuance of short-term debt.


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