Cash and cash equivalents

In 2014, cash and cash equivalents decreased by EUR 592 million to EUR 1,873 million at year-end. The decrease was mainly attributable to an outflow on cash outflows for treasury share transactions of EUR 596 million, cash dividend payout of EUR 292 million, EUR 301 million from decreases in debt and a EUR 258 million outflow related to acquisitions. This was partly offset by a EUR 497 million free cash flow.

Philips Group
Cash balance movements in millions of EUR
2,4652013+87Divestments+4971)Free cash flow+782)Other-301Debt-258Acquisitions-596Treasury share transaction-292Dividend+193Discontinued operations1,8732014-592
1) Please refer to Reconciliation of non-GAAP information
2) Includes cash flow for derivatives and currency effect

Free cash flow is the net cash flow from operating activities minus net capital expenditures.