Separation - HealthTech and Lighting Solutions

In September 2014 Philips announced its plan to sharpen its strategic focus by establishing two stand-alone companies focused on the HealthTech and Lighting Solutions opportunities.

To achieve this transformation, from January 1, 2015, Philips started to integrate the sectors Consumer Lifestyle and Healthcare into one operating company focused on our HealthTech businesses. At the same time Philips is taking the next step in the implementation of its new operating model which will give the company a dedicated, focused and lean management structure, as a result of the planned integration of the relevant sector and group layers.

The establishment of the two stand-alone companies will also involve the split and allocation of the current Innovation, Group & Services sector to each company in 2015. This means that in the course of 2015 the IG&S sector as currently described in these financial statements will disappear and no longer be presented as a separate segment for reporting purposes.

Philips also started the process to carve out its Lighting business into a separate legal structure and will consider various options for ownership structures with direct access to capital markets. The proposed separation of the Lighting business impacts all businesses and markets as well as all supporting functions and all assets and liabilities of the Group and may require complex and time consuming disentanglement efforts.

Prior-period restatements

Prior-period financial statements have been restated for the treatment of the combined businesses of Lumileds and Automotive as discontinued operations (see note (3) Discontinued operations and other assets classified as held for sale) and for two voluntary accounting policy changes (see note (1) Significant accounting policies). Movement schedules of balance sheet items include items from continuing and discontinued operations and therefore cannot be reconciled to income from continuing operations and cash flow from continuing operations only.

Notes to the Consolidated financial statements of the Philips Group

Net income from continuing operations, or net income excluding discontinued operations.