Investor Relations


The Company is continually striving to improve relations with its shareholders. In addition to communication with its shareholders at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, Philips elaborates its financial results during (public) conference calls, which are broadly accessible. It publishes informative annual, semi-annual and quarterly reports and press releases, and informs investors via its extensive website. The Company is strict in its compliance with applicable rules and regulations on fair and non-selective disclosure and equal treatment of shareholders.

Each year the Company organizes Philips Capital Market Days and participates in several broker conferences, announced in advance on the Company’s website and by means of press releases. Shareholders can follow in real time, by means of webcasting or telephone lines, the meetings and presentations organized by the Company. Thus the Company applies recommendation IV.3.1 of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, which in its perception and in view of market practice does not extend to less important analyst meetings and presentations. It is Philips’ policy to post presentations to analysts and shareholders on the Company’s website. These meetings and presentations will not take place shortly before the publication of annual, semi-annual and quarterly financial information.

Furthermore, the Company engages in bilateral communications with investors. These communications either take place at the initiative of the Company or at the initiative of individual investors. During these communications the Company is generally represented by its Investor Relations department. However, on a limited number of occasions the Investor Relations department is accompanied by one or more members of the Board of Management. The subject matter of the bilateral communications ranges from single queries from investors to more elaborate discussions on the back of disclosures that the Company has made such as its annual and quarterly reports. Also here, the Company is strict in its compliance with applicable rules and regulations on fair and non-selective disclosure and equal treatment of shareholders.

The Company shall not, in advance, assess, comment upon or correct, other than factually, any analyst’s reports and valuations. No fee(s) will be paid by the Company to parties for the carrying-out of research for analysts’ reports or for the production or publication of analysts’ reports, with the exception of credit-rating agencies.

Major shareholders and other information for shareholders

The Dutch Act on Financial Supervision imposes an obligation on persons holding certain interests to disclose (inter alia) percentage holdings in the capital and/or voting rights in the Company when such holdings reach, exceed or fall below 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75 and 95 percent (as a result of an acquisition or disposal by a person, or as a result of a change in the company’s total number of voting rights or capital issued). Certain cash settled derivatives are also taken into account when calculating the capital interest. The statutory obligation to disclose capital interest does not only relate to gross long positions, but also to gross short positions. Required disclosures must be made to the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) without delay. The AFM then notifies such disclosures to the Company and includes them in a register which is published on the AFM’s website. Furthermore, an obligation to disclose (net) short positions is set out in the EU Regulation on Short Selling.

On January 3, 2014 the Company received notification from the AFM that it had received disclosure under the Dutch Act on Financial Supervision of a substantial holding of 3.08% by Norges Bank. On May 9, 2014 the Company received notification from the AFM that it had received disclosure under such Act of a substantial holding of 3.02% by Harris Associates L.P. On February 3, 2015 the Company received notification from the AFM that it had received disclosure under such Act of a substantial holding of 3% by State Street Corporation. As per December 31, 2014, approximately 90% of the common shares were held in bearer form and approximately 10% of the common shares were represented by registered shares of New York Registry issued in the name of approximately 1,167 holders of record, including Cede & Co. Cede & Co acts as nominee for the Depository Trust Company holding the shares (indirectly) for individual investors as beneficiaries. Citibank, N.A., 388 Greenwich Street, New York, New York 10013 is the transfer agent and registrar.

Only bearer shares are traded on the stock market of Euronext Amsterdam. Only shares of New York Registry are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Bearer shares and registered shares may be exchanged for each other. Since certain shares are held by brokers and other nominees, these numbers may not be representative of the actual number of United States beneficial holders or the number of Shares of New York Registry beneficially held by US residents.

The provisions applicable to all corporate bonds that have been issued by the Company in March 2008 and 2012 contain a ‘Change of Control Triggering Event’. This means that if the Company experienced such an event with respect to a series of corporate bonds the Company might be required to offer to purchase the bonds of that series at a purchase price equal to 101% of their principal amount, plus accrued and unpaid interest, if any.

Corporate seat and head office

The statutory seat of the Company is Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and the statutory list of all subsidiaries and affiliated companies, prepared in accordance with the relevant legal requirements (Dutch Civil Code, Book 2, Sections 379 and 414), forms part of the notes to the consolidated financial statements and is deposited at the office of the Commercial Register in Eindhoven, the Netherlands (file no. 17001910).

The executive offices of the Company are located at the Philips Center, Amstelplein 2, 1096 BC Amsterdam, the Netherlands, telephone 0031 (0)20 59 77 777.

Compliance with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code

In accordance with the governmental decree of December 10, 2009, the Company fully complies with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code and applies all its principles and best practice provisions that are addressed to the Board of Management or the Supervisory Board. The full text of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code can be found at the website of the Monitoring Commission Corporate Governance Code (

February 24, 2015


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