Contractual obligations and contingent liabilities not appearing in the balance sheet

The Company has entered into a contract with a venture capitalist where it committed itself to make, under certain conditions, capital contributions to its investment funds to an aggregated amount of EUR 35 million (2013: EUR 40 million) until June 30, 2021. As at December 31, 2014 capital contributions already made to this investment fund are recorded as available-for-sale financial assets within Other non-current financial assets. Furthermore, the Company made commitments to third parties in 2014 of EUR 10 million (2013: EUR 16 million) with respect to sponsoring activities. The amounts are due before 2016.

General guarantees as referred to in Section 403, Book 2, of the Dutch Civil Code, have been given by the Company on behalf of several group companies in the Netherlands. The liabilities of these companies to third parties and investments in associates totaled EUR 1,546 million as of year-end 2014 (2013: EUR 1,255 million).

Guarantees totaling EUR 636 million (2013: EUR 613 million) have also been given on behalf of other group companies and credit guarantees totaling EUR 4 million (2013: EUR 15 million) on behalf of unconsolidated companies and third-parties. The Company is the head of a fiscal unity that contains the most significant Dutch wholly-owned group companies. The Company is therefore jointly and severally liable for the tax liabilities of the tax entity as a whole. For additional information, please refer to note (26) Contingent assets and liabilities, which is deemed incorporated and repeated herein by reference.


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